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United States Patent Nelson et al. Patent No.: US 10,702,735 B2


An elliptical system is disclosed having a crank assembly configured to be adjusted in length to accommodate users having varying gaits. In some embodiments, the crank assembly includes a crank and an axle connection bracket that is slidably adjustable with respect to the crank. For example, the crank assembly can include a crank link having a longitudinal body, where the longitudinal body is connected to the crank at one end and includes a longitudinal slots slidably coupled with the axle connection bracket. The axle connection bracket is configured to slide through a plurality of positions along the longitudinal body. In some embodiments, the crank assembly further includes a screw for adjusting the axle connection bracket with respect to the crank, where the screw can cause the axle connection bracket to slide through one or more positions of the plurality of positions when the screw is turned.