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MATER. RES. LETT. 2021, VOL. 9, NO. 3, 155–161


2020 The Author(s).


This manuscript reports a novel process of high-temperature laser shock peening (HTLSP) for surface strengthening of single-crystal ceramics such as sapphire and reveals its fundamental mechanisms. HTLSP at 1200°C can induce a high compressive residual stress on the surface of sapphire while minimize the damage of laser-driven shock waves. Transmission electron microscopy characteriza- tions revealed high dislocation densities near the surface, suggesting that plastic deformation at an ultrahigh strain rate was generated by the high shock wave pressure. The HTLSP-induced compres- sive residual stress can significantly improve the hardness and fracture toughness of sapphire, while maintain its outstanding optical transmittance.