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SARS-CoV-2 detecting rapid metasurface-based sensor

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Diamond & Related Materials 132 (2023) 109644



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We have proposed a novel approach to detect COVID-19 by detecting the ethyl butanoate which high volume ratio is present in the exhaled breath of a COVID-19 infected person. We have employed a refractive index sensor (RIS) with the help of a metasurface-based slotted T-shape perfect absorber that can detect ethyl butanoate present in exhaled breath of COVID-19 infected person with high sensitivity and in-process SARS-CoV-2. The optimized structure of the sensor is obtained by varying several structure parameters including structure length and thickness, slotted T-shape resonator length, width, and thickness. Sensor's performance is evaluated based on numerous factors comprising of sensitivity, Q factor, detection limit, a figure of merit (FOM), detection accuracy, and other performance defining parameters. The proposed slotted T-shape RIS achieved the largest sensitivity of 2500 nm/RIU, Q factor of 131.06, a FOM of 131.58 RIU􀀀 1, detection limit of 0.0224 RIU.