Wildlife Disease and Zoonotics



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Traditionally, APHIS has encouraged producers to voluntarily depopulate tuberculosis-affected herds to eliminate sources of infection. In accordance with the regulations in 9 CFR 77.7(c), an accredited-free State or zone in which a tuberculosis-affected herd is detected is reclassified to a lower status unless the herd is depopulated and an epidemiologic investigation is completed within 90 days of the detection and finds no evidence that the disease has spread. An accredited-free State or zone is also reclassified to a lower status if two or more affected herds are detected within the State or zone within a 48-month period. The current regulations do not provide any exceptions to these requirements for reclassification. Cattle and bison from States or zones reclassified to a lower status--usually modified accredited advanced--are subject to testing and other requirements for interstate movement. Furthermore, the regulations in 9 CFR part 50 authorize APHIS to pay indemnity to owners of animals destroyed because of tuberculosis. These payments provide a financial incentive for owners to elect depopulation instead of maintaining a herd under quarantine.