Mid-West Quarterly, The (1913-1918)


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Published in THE MID-WEST QUARTERLY Vol. 1, No. 3 (April 1914).


A definition of modern culture as something realised and actual ought not to be too elusive, especially as it can be spoken of in concrete terms. It is possible to point to certain men and say, "There are cultivated men; the qualities they possess evidently go to make up culture." By way of approach, suppose we recall Matthew Arnold's sentence: "Notwithstanding the mighty results of the Pilgrim Fathers' voyage, they and their standard of perfection are rightly judged when we figure to ourselves Shakespeare or Virgil - souls in whom sweetness and light, and all that in human nature is most humane, were eminent-accompanying them on their voyage, and think what intolerable company Shakespeare and Virgil would have found them!"