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January 1993


Published in Continuum 5 (1993), pp. 225-228. Copyright © 1993 by AMS Press, Inc.


Since the rehabilitation of Jean de La Ceppède's Théorèmes, study of the work has been hindered by the lack of an easily readable, critically annotated edition. Though extracts of his meditations appeared in a few poetry anthologies during the twentieth century, it was not until 1966, with the appearance of Jean Rousset's Droz facsimile that full access to the sonnets and the poet's annotations could be gained without consulting the original Toulouse editions of 1613 and 1622. The Droz text, though in many ways quite useful, is not sufficient for serious scholarship. Its archaic typefaces, moreover, make reading difficult for non-specialists, who also require lexical and encyclopedic notes. Seeing the need to reproduce the sonnets in a more authoritative, workable format, Yvette Quenot has arnbitiously undertaken the first critical edition of the Théorèmes, the first part of which has recently appeared.