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Published in EMF: STUDIES IN EARLY MODERN FRANCE, VOL. 11, THE CLOISTER AND THE WORLD: EARLY MODERN CONVENT VOICES, ed. Anne L. Birberick and Russell Ganim; Guest Editor, Thomas M. Carr, Jr. (Charlottesville: Rookwood Press, 2007), pp. 7–26. Copyright © 2007 Rookwood Press. Used by permission.


The article is an overview on recent scholarship dealing Ancien Régime convent writing. Although nuns constitute a large percentage of the seventeenth-century women authors whose writings were published, except for a few figures like Marie de l’Incarnation Guyart or the Port-Royal nuns, their texts have been largely ignored, even by scholars engaged in the retrieval of women’s writing during the period. This is in contrast to Italian and Hispanic studies, where the contribution of convent writing is acknowledged as central. The état present discusses reasons for this neglect, the methodological challenges and perspectives for further research, along with a 120 item bibliography of recent scholarship.