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Published in Roberta Johnson & Paul C. Smith, eds., Studies in Honor of José Rubia Barcia (Lincoln, Nebraska: Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, 1982). Copyright © 1982 Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies.


José Rubia Barcia was born on July 31, 1914, in El Ferrol (Galicia). ... In 1947 José Barcia began his teaching career at VCLA as a lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, where his fellow Galician, César Barja was one of a number of distinguished Hispanists. In 1949 he was promoted to Assistant Professor. His marriage to the lovely Eva and his promotion provided a degree of security and support which enabled him to dedicate himself to research and his own creative writing for the first time since his days in Granada. ... In the years ahead his many friends expect to continue to benefit from his knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement. They wish him health and as much satisfaction in his new stage of his career as he has had in the one just completed.