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Warren T. Atyeo

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The University of Nebraska State Museum Volume 4, Number 8 Pp. 113-210 Figs. 196


Although primarily a systematic study, variations in the integumental striae and chaetotaxy of the legs are discussed. The genus Octobdellodes Atyeo, 1960 is synonymized with Bdellodes Oudemans, 1937 and the sugenus Cytobdella Mihelcic, 1958 is synonymized with Cyta von Heyden, 1826. The genus Bdellodes is divided into the subgenera Bdellodes and Hoploscirus Thor, 1937 (=Thoribdella Grandjean, 1938, new synonymy). Twenty-two species are now known to occur in New Zealand and the outlying islands. These include four known species: Bdella iconica, Bdellodes (Roploscirus) lapidaria, B. (R.) reticulata, and Cyta latirostris, and eighteen new species: Bdellodes (Bdellodes) harpax, B. (B.) oraria, B. (B.) tanta, B. (B.) vireti, Bdellodes (Roploscirus) agrestis, B. (R.) ancalae, B. (R.) bryi, B. (R.) camellae, B. (R.) conformis, B. (R.) copiosa, B. (R.) curvus, B. (R.) flexuosa, B. (R.) intricata, B. (R.) multicia, B. (R.) petita, B. (R.) procincta, B. (R.) serpentinus, and B. (R.) tellustris.