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The University of Nebraska State Museum Volume 4, Number 14 Pp. 279-316


Keys to the females and males and diagnoses of the American subgenera of the genus Andrena are presented in this paper. Previously described subgenera recognized in this work are as follows: Callandrena Cockerell, Scaphandrena Lanham, Plastandrena Hedicke, Parandrena Robertson, Dactylandrena Viereck, Andrena Fabricius, Iomelissa Robertson, Oligandrena Lanham, Hesperandrena Timberlake, Micrandrena Ashmead, Gonandrena Viereck, Opandrena Robertson, Cnemidandrena Hedicke, Simandrena Perez, Thysandrena Lanham, Taeniandrena Hedicke, Ptilandrena Robertson, Trachandrena Robertson, Xanthandrena Lanham, Diandrena Cockerell, Leucandrena Hedicke, Melandrena Perez, Gymnandrena Hedicke, Scoliandrena Lanham, Onagrandrena Linsley and MacSwain. The following five new subgenera are described: Eremandrena, Larandrena, Tylandrena, Geandrena, Chaulandrena.