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BULLETIN OF The University of Nebraska State Museum Volume 7 Pp. 1-318 Figs. 340


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This paper is the first part of a monograph of the bee genus Andrena in the western hemisphere and treats the subgenus Callandrena. Available data regarding phylogeny, distribution, biology, and flower preferences are presented together with keys to separate the species, diagnoses and descriptions of the species and discussions of geographic variation when applicable. Seventy-nine species and one subspecies are recognized. Sixteen names are relegated to synonymy, one to homonymy and eight are removed from the subgenus Callandrena. The thirty-nine species new to science are: aerifera, aeripes, afimbriata, ardis, auripes, balsamorhizae, beameri, bilimeki, bullata, calvata, dreisbachorum, fulminea, fulminoides, fumosa, humeralis, ignota, inculta, irrasus, levigata, levipes, limatula, mexicana, monticola, neomexicana, ofelia, optanda, parilis, perpunctata, rava, repanda, rubens, sculleni, senticulosa, solivaga, sonorensis, tegularis, trimaculata, utahensis, vulpoides.