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Bulletin of The University of Nebraska State Museum Volume 6, Number 1 Pp. 1-16 Tables 1-2 Plates 1-5 Fig. 1


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An uncrushed skull and associated skeletal elements of a very large rhinoceros are the basis for the description of a new species of Aphelops from Frontier County, Nebraska. The major differences are: the skull is much larger in most dimensions than other Aphelops; it has an extremely elevated occipital region in comparison to Aphelops mutilus; the narial notch is retracted to a point perpendicular to the center of molar one; and the teeth are more hypsodont than any other species of this genus. The sediments which yielded the skull and skeletal parts are considered to be Kimballian in age (latest Pliocene). This giant rhinoceros may represent the last species of the genus Aphelops.