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BULLETIN 18 VOLUME I February, 1931


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In the accompanying cut the array of great tusks outlined through their rough crates may lack attractiveness, nevertheless the assemblage is quite out of the ordinary, and seems worth recording in bulletin form. In all museums, and like institutions, freight and express deliveries are matters of daily routine; however, the morning's freight shown in the cut is unique. Herein is represented the more showy portion of the proboscidean freight received at the Nebraska State Museum in a single consignment, in the field season of 1930. The other boxes of mammoth skulls, jaws, and bones, received at the same time, are not shown here. Taking everything into account it is doubtful if a like number of proboscidean relics were ever receiving by an institution in a single shipment. Since this shipment, as a whole, seemed spectacular, as well as instructive, it was put on display in Elephant Hall, and was exhibited during the week of the Nebraska State Fair, August 30, to September 7, 1930, and for some time afterward. The attendance at this State Fair totalled four hundred and thirty-nine thousand people, of whom large numbers found their way to the State Museum where the crated tusks and skulls proved to be an acceptable object lesson.