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Published in Museum Notes (February 2002) No. 111: 4 p.


Luella Buros first set foot on the African continent in 1956 when she arrived on the shores of Mombasa, Kenya. From Mombasa, she and her husband Oscar, who had won a senior Fulbright award, trekked across southern Kenya via Land Rover to Kampala, Uganda. They resided here for the year while Oscar taught statistics at Makerere University College. When Oscar was not working, they traveled extensively around Eastern Africa. However, Buros was no ordinary traveler. She was a meticulous record-keeper and logged her trips in a journal. Buros' talents also included photography, and throughout her trips to Africa and at least three other continents she took nearly 12,000 slides. She had the gift to capture the scene before her with the trained eye similar to that of a National Geographic photographer, whether her subjects were people, landscapes, or animals. These slides, along with numerous other artifacts, comprise the Luella Buros Collection housed at the University of Nebraska State Museum.