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ASC Newsletter (December 1989) 17(6): 77, 79-81.


Copyright 1989, Association of Systematics Collections, 1989. Used by permission.


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At the workshop on "Collection Resources for the 1990's" held in Washington, D.C., October 1988, one of the identified needs for institutions was for additional trained collection management staff (Hoagland and Mabee, ASC Newsletter 16(6): 9, 1988). There are few academic programs that provide training in the management of biological, geological, and anthropological collections. Because this is an identified need for the 1990's, the question arises: "Are we able to meet this need?" and, if we are not currently in a position to do so, "What must be done in the future to meet this need?"


Currently, there are probably not enough programs training students in the management of natural history collections if projected needs are correct. If this need is to be met, there must be a coordinated effort involving current and future museum studies programs, natural history museums, and ASC.