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October 2005


Published in Colloquium: Music, Worship, Arts 2 (Autumn 2005), pp. 49-55. Copyright © 2005 Yale Institute of Sacred Music. Used by permission.


The ideas I want to explore in this essay begin with the experience of some works of art that have recently been created for St. Mark’s-on-the-Campus Episcopal Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, the church of which I’m a member. All of the art you will experience has been created by active and faithful members of this church. Let me hasten to say that although I’ve been involved in various ways in fostering this art, I’m in no way responsible for it. That responsibility lies primarily with an insightful priest, Father Donald Hanway, who has vigorously championed the cause of the arts in the church; with my wife, Dr. Mary Murrell Faulkner, who is the church’s director of music; and with various church members who have shared their talents and their support.

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