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White paper, issued 7/29/2016.


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This document is one in a series---"Chronology and Itinerary of the Career of"---devoted to a small number of African American musicians active ca. 1900-1950. They are fallout from my work on a pair of essays, "US Army Black Regimental Bands and The Appointments of Their First Black Bandmasters" (2013) and "Black US Army Bands and Their Bandmasters in World War I" (2012). In all cases I have put into some kind of order a number of biographical research notes, principally drawing upon newspaper and genealogy databases. None of them is any kind of finished, polished document; all represent work in progress, complete with missing data and the occasional typographical error. I invite queries, amplifications, and corrections, which may be directed to The present document is a first draft of July 2016.


George Edmund Dulf (1872-1943) Chicago-based conductor, cornettist, theatre-orchestra musician, musicians union leader. In his 20s---in the 1890s---he moved from Springfield to Chicago. After some time with professional travelling bands, he married and settled down in Chicago as a professional musician and, later, as a postal employee.