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This is the second of five on-line text files in which I assemble my research notes about boys’ bands and their bandmasters at the US government’s Native American off-reservation inter-tribal boarding schools. In general, it is material that covers a span of about fifty years from the 1880s to the 1930s, though the present document concentrates on the Omaha expositions of 1898 and 1899. I principally have put into some kind of order a mass of data that draws upon online digital newspapers and genealogy databases. What follows here is not a finished, polished document. Everything on offer is still work in progress, inconsistent in formatting and with missing data and the occasional typographical error. I invite queries, amplifications, and corrections, which may be directed to The present document is a first draft of December 2022.

The present file is a spin-off from a separate study of local Nebraska history, namely, an exploration of music at Omaha’s Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898 and the next year’s Greater America Exposition on the same fairgrounds. These nationally-prominent expositions hosted Indian Congresses and brought Native American community and boarding school bands to the fair to entertain visitors on the Congress grounds. What follows here presents information on the residencies of these bands within a larger chronology of each Indian Congress.