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Copyright Randall Snyder 1979, revised 2000.

Written for Carolee Curtright and the University of Nebraska Women’s Chorus duration: c. 8 minutes


Women’s Chorus: 4 Sopranos, 4 Mezzo Sopranos, 4 Altos, 4 Contraltos

Percussion Ensemble: Percussion 1: maracas, marimba, glock., tamb., log drum, castanets, wood wind chimes, guitar
Percussion 2: afuche, s. rattle, bass dr., temple blocks, m. gong, finger cym, wood block,m. cym. Percussion 3: mark tree, vibr.,3 toms

Behold Osiris, the scribe of the holy offerings of the gods all, Ani! Saith he, Homage to thee who hast come as Khepera, Khepera as the creator of the gods. Thou risest, thou shinest, making bright thy mother, crowned as king of the gods, doeth to thee mother Nut [with] her two hands the act of worship. receiveth thee Manu with content, embraceth thee Maat at the double season. My he live splendor and power together with triumph, [and] a coming forth as a soul living to see Horus to the ka of Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant before Osiris. Saith he, Hail gods all of the Soul Temple [ye] weighers of heaven [and] earth in the balance, givers of food [and] abundance of meat! [Hail} Tatunen, Once, maker of mankind {and of] th substance of the gods of the south, north, west, [and] east! Ascribe praise to Ra, the lord of heaven, the Prince, Life, Strength, Health, Creator of the gods. Adore ye him in his Presence beautiful in his rising in the atet boat. Shall worship thee the beings of the heights, shall worship thee [the beings of the depths] Write for thee Thoth [and] Maat day every. Thine enemy[is] given to the fire, the evil one hath fallen; his arms [are\ bound, removed hath Ra his legs; the sons of impotent revolt never [again] shall they rise up! The House of the Prince [is] in festival, the sound of those that rejoice [is] in the dwelling mighty. The gods [are] rejoicing [when] they see Ra in his rising; his beams flood with light the countries. Advanceth the majesty of this god venerable, he arriveth p[at] the land of Manu, [he] illumineth the earth at his birth every day, he arriveth at his region of yesterday. Mayest thou be at peace with me, may I see thy beauties, may I advance upon the earth, may I smite the ass, may I crush the evil one, may I destroy Apep at his moment; may I see the abtu fish [at] his season [of] Xeper, and the ant fish.....its, and the ant boat in its pool; may I see Horus as guardian of the rudder [with] Thoth [and] Maat at his two sides; may i grasp the bows of the boat and the stern of the abtet boat. May he grant a view of the disk and a sight of the Moon-god without ceasing every day, and the coming forth of my soul to walk about every place it pleaseth; may be proclaimed my name [when] it is found upon the board for offering things, may there be placed for me offerings of food in my presence like the followers of Horus; may be made for me a seat in the boat [on] the day of the going forth of the god; may I be received into the presence of Osiris in the land of triumph, to the ka of Osiris. Ani.

Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chapter XV, Plate One, Lines 1-24
attributed to Ani, XVIIIth Dynasty (1500BCE)
translated and transliterated by E.A.Wallis Budge