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Dr. Scott Anderson

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Dr. Alan Mattingly

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Tom Larson

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Spring 5-3-2023


A DOCTORAL DOCUMENT Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Doctor of Musical Arts, Major: Music (Trombone Performance), Under the Supervision of Professor Scott Anderson. Lincoln, Nebraska: January 2023

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The trombone has a relatively small amount of solo literature, especially for how long it has existed. Many professors only teach and perform an even smaller number of those pieces. Some works are compelling and captivating but rarely performed. The purpose of this document is to explore two lesser-known works that have an exciting connection; they are both works about war. I Was Like Wow for Tenor Trombone and Boombox by Jacob Ter Veldhuis (JacobTV) and Encounters IV for Tenor Trombone and Multi-Percussion by William Kraft are two original works for trombone that explore themes of war.

The pieces were written thirty years apart and handle the concepts of war in different and fascinating ways. Both of these works are composed for unusual instrumentation and address specific challenges on the trombone. This document is intended to give historical context and background to both pieces and their composers, break down technical concerns, extended techniques, and stylistic issues, discuss pedagogical considerations, and explain why these pieces should be performed. I will use examples from the music and composer explanations in the document. Also, interviews with the composers will support these ideas. These pieces are as relevant as ever, and I hope this research will make them more accessible to trombonists.

Advisor: Dr. Scott Anderson

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