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Ivey, G.L., C.P. Herziger, and T.J. Hoffman. Annual movements of Pacific coast sandhill cranes. In Chavez-Ramirez, F, ed. 2005. Proceedings of the Ninth North American Crane Workshop, Jan 17-20, 2003. Sacramento, California: North American Crane Working Group. Pp. 25-36.


Reproduced by permission of the NACWG.


The subspecies composition of migratory sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) which stage and winter along the Lower Columbia River in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington is uncertain, but may include all 3 using the Pacific Flyway: lesser (G. c. canadensis), Canadian (G. c. rowani), and greater (G. c. tabida). However, the status of rowani has been debated. During 2001-02, we captured and marked 8 cranes using a noose line trapping technique, and attached Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs) to 6 to ascertain locations of their breeding areas, migration corridors and winter sites. Morphometric data were collected for subspecies determination. From measurements and their summer distribution, we conclude that they are likely the intermediate rowani form. Because of their limited numbers, distinct coastal migration path, and habitat issues at breeding, staging, and wintering areas, we recommend that conservation efforts be increased and that they be managed as a unique population.