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The North American Crane Working Group (NACWG) is an organization of professional biologists, aviculturists, land managers, and other interested individuals dedicated to the conservation of cranes and their habitats in North America. Our group meets approximately every 3 years to exchange new information on research and conservation of sandhill and whooping cranes and occasionally reports from abroad. Our meeting in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, 23-27 September 2008, was no exception. The workshop was ably organized by Tom Hoffman, the scientific program was well-constructed by Jane Austin, and George Archibald and Richard Urbanek helped to bring together a memorable field day in central Wisconsin. The NACWG Board of Directors consisted of President Glenn Olsen, Vice President Felipe Chavez-Ramirez, Secretary Tracy Grazia, Treasurer Tom Hoffman, Jane Austin, Marilyn Spalding, and Richard Urbanek. Our technical sessions spanned 2 days and included presentation of 38 scientific talks and 16 posters. The papers included in this volume, with some exceptions, were presented at the workshop. The papers submitted for publication in the Proceedings are peerreviewed according to scientific journal standards.