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Ellis, D.H., G.H. Olsen, and J. Kwitoski. Initial training of cranes for an airship migration. In Chavez-Ramirez, F, ed. 2005. Proceedings of the Ninth North American Crane Workshop, Jan 17-20, 2003. Sacramento, California: North American Crane Working Group. Pp. 193-196.


Reproduced by permission of the NACWG.


We describe the first year of our efforts to train cranes to accept the unnatural stimuli associated with being transported south in cages suspended beneath an airship. All 4 experimental cranes readily acclimated to entering a suspended cage and were trained to accept being jostled while in the cage, even when the cage was transported in the back of a pickup truck. With minor changes, the training protocol is ready for use in an actual airship migration.