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Nesbitt, S.A., M.G. Spalding, and S.T. Schwikert. Injuries and abnormalities of sandhill cranes captured in Florida. In Chavez-Ramirez, F, ed. 2005. Proceedings of the Ninth North American Crane Workshop, Jan 17-20, 2003. Sacramento, California: North American Crane Working Group. Pp. 15-20.


Reproduced by permission of the NACWG.


Observations of gross pathological abnormalities were made during handling of sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) captured for banding in Florida. One hundred fifty-six of 1,331 (11.7%) cranes examined showed evidence of one or more anomalies that were the result of disease, congenital deformity, or injury. Most frequent were abnormalities of the legs and feet, followed by abnormalities of the bill. Injuries of the eyes, head, and neck were also noted. Many of these birds were observed subsequent to banding and survived for several years with their injuries, though some never succeeded in reproducing.