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Conference co-sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Service, Saskatchewan Parks and Renewable Resources Department, and the Whooping Crane Conservation Association, Canadian Council. Proceedings used by permission of the North American Crane Working Group.


In 1975 a group of North American crane researchers and managers convened a workshop at the fledgling International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin. At the end they agreed to publish the proceedings of the workshop and to reconvene in 3 years to continue to share information, ideas, and support. Workshops followed in 1978 (Rockport, Texas), 1981 (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming), 1985 (Grand Island, Nebraska), and 1988 (Kissimmee Prairie, Florida). At the Florida meeting this loose-knit group agreed to form the North American Crane Working Group (NACWG), an organization of "professional biologists, aviculturists, land managers, and other interested individuals dedicated to the conservation of cranes and their habitats in North America." Board members elected to 3-year terms were Steven Balzano, Alfred Grewe, Brian Johns, Gary Lingle (Chief Executive Officer), Steve Nesbitt, Dale Stahlecker, and Richard Urbanek. The 1991 North American Crane Workshop in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, was the second official gathering of this group and the first workshop sponsored by NACWG. Board members elected to 3-year terms in 1991 were Mary Anne Bishop, Wendy Brown (CEO), Scott Hereford, Gary Lingle, Steve Nesbitt, Glenn Olsen, and Richard Urbanek.