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Stehn, Thomas V. "Behavior of Whooping Cranes During Initiation of Migration.", In: Stahlecker D. W., ed. 1992. Proceedings of the Sixth North American Crane Workshop, Oct. 3-5, 1991, Regina, Sask. (Grand Island, NE.: North American Crane Working Group, 1992), 102-5.


Conference co-sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Service, Saskatchewan Parks and Renewable Resources Department, and the Whooping Crane Conservation Association, Canadian Council. Proceedings used by permission of the North American Crane Working Group.


Whooping cranes (Grus americana) observed immediately before the initiation of migratory flights exhibited increased alertness, wing ruffling, and head tilting. Seven observations at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), Texas, indicate that the departure of 1 group of whooping cranes may influence other nearby cranes to start migration, even though later departing groups may fly separately.