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Manes, S.S., R.C. Drewien, J.D. Huener, T. W. Aldrich, and W.M. Brown. Distribution of color-marked greater sandhill cranes banded in Utah. In: Wood D. A., ed. 1992. Proceedings 1988 North American Crane Workshop, Feb. 22–24, 1988. Lake Wales, Florida (Tallahassee, FL: State of Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Nongame Wildlife Program Technical Report #12, 1992), pp. 55-60.


Used by permission of the North American Crane Working Group.


Twenty-eight greater sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis tabida) were banded and color-marked on nesting grounds in northern and central Utah during summers 1986 and 1987. Sixteen were observed 1 or more times between October 1986 and February 1988 on migration, winter and summer areas. Marking studies showed that cranes nesting east and southeast of the Great Salt Lake in northern and central Utah are affiliated with the Rocky Mountain population, with most individuals migrating during the spring and fall through the San Luis Valley, Colorado and wintering in southcentral and southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and possibly northern Mexico. Future color-marking efforts will be in northwest Utah to determine population affiliation of these cranes.