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Bouffard, S.H., J.E. Cornely, and O.A. Goroshko. Crop depredations by crane at Daursky State Biosphere Reserve, Siberia. In Chavez-Ramirez, F, ed. 2005. Proceedings of the Ninth North American Crane Workshop, Jan 17-20, 2003. Sacramento, California: North American Crane Working Group. Pp. 145-150.


Reproduced by permission of the NACWG.


Crop depredations by staging cranes have been an annual problem at Daursky State Biosphere Reserve in southern Siberia. In September 2001 we met at Daursky when crane populations peaked to investigate the problem and suggest methods to reduce damages. Peak of crane staging coincided with grain harvest. We counted ≈ 30,000 cranes of 5 species, primarily demoiselles (Anthropoides virgo), in the area. Poor grain yields and cooperative farming systems discouraged efforts to reduce damage. Moving crops further from roost areas may be the most reasonable short term control method, but it’s effectiveness is yet untested. Hazing, lure crops and alternate food plants also may work.