North American Prairie Conference


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Published in Prairie Pioneers: Ecology, History and Culture: Proceedings of the Eleventh North American Prairie Conference, August 7-11, 1988, Lincoln, Nebraska (Lincoln, NE 1989).


Lloyd Hulbert's death in May 1986 left a wealth of unfinished projects as well as the legacy of Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas. One of these was an incomplete manuscript on fire, mowing, and soil effects on the tallgrass prairie, in which canopy cover and frequency in 27 soil-treatment combinations from Konza Prairie were reported. Treatments included unburned and April burned at 1-,2-, and 4-year intervals, annual burning during three seasons, and mowing during two seasons. Soils ranged from deep and non-rocky to shallow, rocky, silty clay loams. Late April burning favored tall C4 grasses at the expense of most forbs, whereas autumn and March burning allowed many forbs to do well. More species occurred on shallow, rocky soils than on deep soils. Annuals and biennials succeeded in mowed areas but not in burned areas. Tables of partially summarized data are included with this report so that other researchers may make use of them.