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Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (2015) 12, 1039–1047


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This article discusses results obtained from a parametric study to analytically evaluate the impingement of a crack at the interface of an environmental barrier coating (EBC) and a monolithic Silicon nitride (Si3N4) layered ceramics substrate. The study establishes a correlation that leads to determine if the crack is arrested or advanced by either penetrating or deflecting along the EBC/substrate interface. A finite-element-based fracture mechanics methodology is utilized to perform these calculations. Critical parameters determining penetration-deflection conditions in relation to EBC’s physical characteristics, such as porosity level, voids, and mini cracks, are determined for a single layer and multi-layered coating system coordinating the interactions between the EBCs (Mullite, Mullite mixture, Silicon nitride, etc.) and the substrate structure. Results showing thermo-mechanical stresses and stress/strain energy release relations with respect to crack penetration-deflection are presented and discussed as the crack is advanced.