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Center for Turbulence Research Annual Research Briefs 2011


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The objective of the current paper † is a further validation of the overset grid capability for high-speed chemical nonequilibrium flows. The current investigation, which is a follow-up on previous work by (Sj¨ogreen & Yee 2009b), (Lani et al. 2010a), (Wang et al. 2009), (Wang et al. 2010), (Lani et al. 2010b), extends the use of variable order methods for both inviscid and viscous chemical nonequilibrium flows with strong shocks on 2D and 3D multiblock overlapping grids. A 5-species and one-temperature air model in chemical nonequilibrium is considered in all cases. Second-order TVD, fifth- or higher-order WENO schemes are applied on and around the bow shock in combination with fourth-order or sixth-order filter schemes elsewhere (Yee et al. 2008). Unlike the standard pseudo time-marching to the steady state, in order to assess the capability of unsteady computations, the computations are time accurate even though the chosen test cases are laminar.