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ShockWaves (2019) 29:1117–1132


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A class of high-order nonlinear filter schemes by Yee et al. (J Comput Phys 150:199–238, 1999), Sjögreen and Yee (J Comput Phys 225:910–934, 2007), and Kotov et al. (Commun Comput Phys 19:273–300, 2016; J Comput Phys 307:189–202, 2016) is examined for long-time integrations of computational aeroacoustics (CAA) turbulence applications. This class of schemes was designed for an improved nonlinear stability and accuracy for long-time integration of compressible direct numerical simulation and large eddy simulation computations for both shock-free turbulence and turbulence with shocks. They are based on the skew-symmetric splitting version of the high-order central base scheme in conjunction with adaptive low-dissipation control via a nonlinear filter step to help with stability and accuracy capturing at shock-free regions as well as in the vicinity of discontinuities. The central dispersion-relation-preserving schemes as well as classical central schemes of arbitrary orders fit into the framework of skew-symmetric splitting of the inviscid flux derivatives. Numerical experiments on CAA turbulence test cases are validated.