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AIAA JOURNAL, VOL. 27, NO.3, MARCH 1989, pp. 299-307


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Some numerical aspects of finite-difference algorithms for nonlinear multidimensional hyperbolic conservation laws with stiff nonhomogeneous (source) terms are discussed. If the stiffness is entirely dominated by the source term, a semi-implicit shock-capturing method is proposed. However, if the stiffness is not solely dominated by the source terms, a fully implicit method would be a more efficient solution procedure. The primary motivation for constructing these schemes was to address large systems of thermally and chemically nonequilibrium flows in the hypersonic regime. Due to the unique structure of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for fluid flows of this type, the computation can be simplified, thus providing a more efficient solution procedure than one might have anticipated. An implicit algorithm with explicit coupling between fluid and species equations is also proposed.