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Composites: Part A (2012), doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2011.12.013


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A notched coupon geometry was evaluated as a method for tensile testing of 2D triaxial braid composites. Edge initiated shear failure has been observed in transverse tension tests using straight-sided coupons based on ASTM D3039. The notched coupon was designed to reduce the effects of edge initiated failure and produce the desired tensile failure. A limited set of tests were performed with partial pressurization of tubes to determine the transverse tensile strength in the absence of edge initiated failure. The transverse strength measured with the notched coupons was considerably higher than the straight-sided coupons, comparable to the tube results, and closer to the maximum possible strength based on maximum fiber strain. Further investigations of the effects of the observed biaxial stress state and stress concentrations in the notched geometry are needed.