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U.S. Department of Interior, Archeological Assistance Program Technical Brief No. 10, November 1990.



The upcoming Columbian Quincentenary reminds us that few events have influenced the course of human history more than the encounter between the peoples of the Old World and the New. Contact between Indians, Europeans, and Africans released a stream of ideas, products, and people that continues to flow undiminished across the Atlantic Ocean. This “Columbian Exchange” brought people living on both sides of the Atlantic into a wider world than any known by their ancestors. Scholars commonly refer to these first centuries as the “Historic Contact Period.” beginning during the early decades of the 16th century, the Historic Contact period continued throughout the colonial era. It was a time of unprecedented cultural change for both Indians and the Europeans and Africans who moved into their territories.

The Project

Building A Historic Context And Project Development

Identification Issues

Survey Review And Previous Designations

Potential Nhl Identification

Evaluation Issues


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