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Archeological Report 7 National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center


United States Department of the Interior National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center Lincoln, Nebraska 2015


Midwest Archeological Center (MWAC) personnel completed archeological inventories at a number of project localities in the north and south units at Badlands National Park (BADL), South Dakota, in July 2012. The majority of work was related to Maintenance activities and included shovel test and/or pedestrian inventories in advance of fenceline installation or replacement at three housing units and the bison corral, trail improvements at Pinnacles Overlook and the Notch Trail, sand shed construction at the Maintenance facility, and housing unit construction at the White River Visitor Center in the South Unit. Several site condition assessments were also completed. Miscellaneous projects involved removing material from a small hearth discovered eroding out of a social trail at Ancient Hunters Overlook and a site visit to Johnny Spring, which the park considered developing for bison use. In addition, a pedestrian inventory was conducted across the Kelly parcel, a tract of land that currently belongs to the U.S. Forest Service, but will be traded with a private landowner who currently grazes cattle there in exchange for his inholding within BADL.