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Highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of carbon offsetting options in the context of the state of Nebraska, this discussion shows that the choice and decisions about which option is better than the other depends on the interests at play and expected outcomes of the participation in carbon markets. However, irrespective of the motive to engage in emission reduction projects for carbon marketing, factors such as cost, and project efficiency can never be overlooked. Given the options discussed in this report, Nebraska has a lot of potential for carbon offsetting or emission reduction projects that would not only reduce and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere but also, provide economic benefits such as employment creation and healthy food production in the state.

As a way of emphasis, carbon offsetting is not the only ultimate solution to ensuring carbon neutrality, rather, a collective combination of both offsets and emission reduction strategies from individuals, state departments and private organizations will ensure Nebraska’s carbon Neutrality. In other words, reduce what you can, offset what you cannot.