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Published in Ecology of Freshwater Fish 2009: 18: 514–519


Fishery biologists have documented small home ranges, relative to available habitat, for many littoral freshwater fishes. Home ranges for pelagic species, such as white bass Morone chrysops, are generally not well described, yet are thought to be large. We studied white bass movement using acoustic telemetry in two irrigation reservoirs of the Republican River basin in south-western Nebraska. Acoustic transmitters were implanted in fall of the previous year and tracking occurred a minimum of once per week throughout spring (mid-March to May) 2007 and 2008. Linear home ranges were calculated from observed locations of individual fish. Twelve of the twenty-seven tagged fish with at least five locations exhibited localised home ranges throughout the spring whereas the remaining fish exhibited home ranges extending across large portions of each reservoir. Home range size was not correlated with fish size or condition.