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NebFact 247
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Nebraskans who experience damage and nuisance problems with wildlife can get assistance from several public and private organizations. This NebFact describes the most direct route to the solution of your problem. A reference guide (Table I) lists who to contact for information, materials, permits, and hands-on assistance. Wildlife play an important role in our environment. In addition, we gain many recreational, economic, and aesthetic benefits from them. Unfortunately, the activities of wildlife occasionally conflict with human interests in personal property, agricultural production, and health and safety. The most common wildlife damage and nuisance problems in Nebraska are caused by bats, beaver, coyotes, deer, house mice, house sparrows, moles, Norway rats, pocket gophers, prairie dogs, rabbits, pigeons, starlings, snakes, and tree squirrels. Landowners often tolerate some damage by wildlife and many are able to control wildlife damage on their own. Programs are available, however, that provide information, materials, or on-site assistance to people when problems intensify.
NebFact 247