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Library Acquisitions: Practice and Theory (1990) 14(1):132-134


Copyright 1990, Pergamon Press


If you feel, after your latest cruise through your research library, that you were adrift in a very expensive sea of paper, you are certainly not alone. As a researcher at a research university, it is very easy to use the resources of your library and to be confronted with the funding problems of that library only as those problems affect your particular area of interest. In recent years most researchers at universities have been told that subscriptions to journals will have to be cut in their area and that less of the library materials budget will be available to them for the purchase of monographs. These two problems are parts of larger troubles tied directly to the fact that funding for materials and library construction in the 1970s and 1980s has not come close to keeping up with rising costs at all or nearly all United States research libraries.