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Jenkins, D. 1993. Proc. Intern. Symp. Grouse 6: (1-175). World Pheasant Association, Reading, UK. And Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvaica, Ozzano dell'Emilia, Italy.



© Copyright World Pheasant Association 1995


Papers: Populations and habitats of snowshoe hares, Ruffed and Spruce Grouse in the southern boreal pine forest of Ontario • Populations of Capercaillie and Hazel Grouse in large natural and logged forests in northern Russia, 1950-1992 • Extrinsic factors influencing the population dynamics of Red Grouse • Hazel Grouse in the Bohemian Forest - results of a 20-year study • Studies of grouse in China • Seasonal movements by Hazel Grouse in south-central Sweden • Ecological and behavioural constraints on monogamy in the Willow Ptarmigan • Spatial distribution and habitat preference of male Capercaillie in the Pechora-Illych Nature Reserve in 1991-92 • Dispersion and habitat selection of displaying male Black grouse in the Mont Avic Natural Park, western Italian Alps • Home range of male Black Grouse from summer to winter in the eastern Alps (Friuli, Italy) • Selection of birch by Black Grouse in winter • The size of Black Grouse lek populations in relation to habitat characteristics in southern Norway • Energy costs of incubation in Rock Ptarmigan in Switzerland • Home ranges, habitat and dispersal of radio-marked Hazel Grouse in the National Park 'Bayerischer Wald', Germany - Preliminary results • Anti-predator behaviour of Black Grouse as influenced by hen-rearing versus hand-rearing • Variations in clutch defence by incubating female Black Grouse • The importance of large herbivore management to woodland grouse and their habitats • Habitat characteristics of brood-rearing sites of Hazel Grouse in the eastern Alps (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy) • Evaluation of Hazel Grouse habitat in the Black Forest (southern Germany) and implications for habitat management • Evaluation of habitat suitability for Capercaillie in the northern Black Forest • The role of bilberry in central European Capercaillie habitats • Silvicultural measures for the improvement of grouse habitats in the Black Forest • Distribution of grouse in the Italian Alps (1988-1992) • The distribution and status of Caucasian Black Grouse in north-eastern Turkey

Authors: James F Bendell, Leah I BendellYoung, Alexander B Beshkarev, Alexei Blagovidov, Sergei Sokolski, Olav Hjeljord, Peter J Hudson, Andrew P Dobson, Siegfried Klaus, Sun Yue-Hua, Jon E Swenson, Johan Danielson, Susan J Hannon, Alexander B Beshkarev, Alexei Blagovidov, Victor Teplov, Olav Hjeljord, Massimo Bocca, P F de Franceschi, S Mattedi, Olav Hjeljord, Tor K Spidsj, Finn Bjormyr, Erling Meisingset, John Gunnar Dokk, Olav Hjeljord, Gary Fry, B Huber-Eicher, Andreas Kampfer-Lauenstein, Christiane KOltringer, Gunter Sodeikat, Eberhard Curio, Arto Marjakangas, D Baines, M M Baines, R B Sage, P F de Franceschi, M Botazzo, Manfred Lieser, Detlef Eisfeld, Stefan Mann, Karl-Eugen Schroth, Ilse Storch, Rudi Suchant, Ivano Artuso, Philip W Atkinson, Elizabeth A Humpage, Adrian J D Jowitt, Idris Ogurlu, J Marcus Rowcliffe