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Published in Proceedings of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, including the GNATS and TER-QUA Divisions and Nine Affiliated Societies, 95th Annual Meeting, April 12–13, 1985, p. 56.


Copyright © 1985, J. B. Swinehart, V. L. Souders, H. M. DeGraw, and R. F. Diffendal, Jr.


Two generally distinctive suites of sediments occur in western Nebraska, one dominantly volcaniclastic in origin deposited from the Oligocene through Early Miocene, and the other mainly epiclastic in origin deposited from the Middle Miocene through the Holocene. We have combined the epiclastic deposits usually placed in the Hemingford and Ogallala groups into an expanded Ogallala Group and have abandoned the member subdivisions of the Broadwater Formation.