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Issued by the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research.


UNL has a large number of faculty conducting research on energy-related topics. However, strategic coordination needs improvement, and there are significant opportunities to leverage synergies across departments and colleges, centers, and institutes. In addition, there are critical gaps in expertise that need filling to achieve critical mass and national prominence in key areas.

This white paper seeks to identify a set of thematic areas that would help focus UNL faculty resources on emerging opportunities in the energy-related sciences and serve as a framework to achieve the following goals:

♦ Develop innovative research programs that enhance renewable energy resources and energy conservation in Nebraska and worldwide;
♦ Support economic development in Nebraska through: (i) development of new technologies and commercialization in new businesses, (ii) identification of the most effective policies and incentives at federal, state, and local levels to foster development of renewable energy resources, and (iii) student education and human resource development to support energy industries; and
♦ Position UNL to be more competitive for external funding from government agencies, private foundations, and the private sector.