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Chizinski, C. J., K. L. Pope, D. B. Willis, G. R. Wilde, and E. J. Rossman. 2005. Economic value of angling at a reservoir with low visitation. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 25:98-104.


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A travel cost model was used to estimate the per-day consumer surplus for anglers at a reservoir (Lake Kemp, Texas) with low visitation. The average per-day consumer surplus for anglers was $61–122, depending on the wage rate fraction assigned to the opportunity cost of time. Although this consumer surplus value is small, anglers on the numerous smaller public and private water bodies may, in aggregate, generate a majority of the economic value for freshwater angling. Further, the marginal value per dollar spent managing small water bodies is probably large. Arguably, greater attention should be directed toward managing our nation’s numerous smaller water bodies.