Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit


Variation in angler distribution and catch rates of stocked rainbow trout in a small reservoir

Brian S. Harmon, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Dustin R. Martin, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Christopher J. Chizinski, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Kevin L. Pope, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Open access


We investigated the spatial and temporal relationship of catch rates and angler party location for two days following a publicly announced put-and-take stocking of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Catch rates declined with time since stocking and distance from stocking. We hypothesized that opportunity for high catch rates would cause anglers to fish near the stocking location and disperse with time, however distance between angler parties and stocking was highly variable at any given time. Spatially explicit differences in catch rates can affect fishing quality. Further research could investigate the variation between angler distribution and fish distribution within a waterbody.