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Published in Journal of Freshwater Ecology, Volume 1 1, Number 4 - December 1 996


Female black crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus) were collected from Richmond Lake, South Dakota" and egg-diameter frequencies were examined to document spawning strategy during 1994. Two hundred and sixteen adult females [mean total length (TL) ±SE = 204 ± 1 mm] were collected and 85,572 egg diameters were measured. Female black crappie gonadosomatic-index (GSI) values exceeded 8% from 18 May to 22 June 1994, and the density of larval black crappie caught with an ichthyoplankton net peaked on 8 June 1994. The GSI values and larval catches indicated that the population, as a whole, had a single extended spawn from mid-May through mid-June. However, patterns of egg-diameter distributions were inconsistent among individual female black crappie. It appeared that some females spawned only once during 1994, while others probably spawned twice.