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Published in Honors in Practice, Volume 6. Copyright 2010 National Collegiate Honors Council


According to the Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors College, an honors thesis should be required of honors college students. The benefits of completing an honors thesis are numerous and include the opportunity to work one on one with a faculty mentor, to move one’s discipline forward, and to add an entry to one’s résumé. For the vast majority of students, the thesis will be the first occasion they have to work on an academic project that requires a large amount of independent thought and motivation. One role of faculty mentors is to help students through the process, but students often need more help than a faculty mentor can provide. In such cases, students can benefit from the support and guidance of other students. To that end, a group of honors college students at Texas A&M University-Commerce created a thesis support group. This essay explores ways that a support group can be helpful, provides a potential structure for a support group, and suggests how to increase the support group’s efficiency.