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Honors in Practice, Volume 8.


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As I approach my last hour of the presidency of NCHC, my voice will fade; it will become less prominent in the discourse of honors and our organization, and a new day will bring new stories into our midst. Yet my stories of our organization and our meeting in Phoenix will endure as I return to my campus, tired but enlightened, inspired to apply what I have learned and experienced over these four days. You each will do the same, returning home and telling your stories; by doing so, you will tell the story of NCHC.

I study storytelling and the living, breathing, changing stories that constitute who we are as individuals and communities. NCHC can be defined by our numbers: we have more members than ever before, and our endowment has surpassed the one-million mark. NCHC can be defined by our accomplishments: we have successful conferences and institutes, provocative and enlightening publications, and a thriving support network for our members. I believe that NCHC is also, maybe even primarily, the stories we tell as individual members, and that NCHC is the totality of these stories.