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Honors in Practice 13 (2017)


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The opening essay of this volume—“What Do We Belong to If We Belong to NCHC?”—manages to corral the spirit of the National Collegiate Honors Council without reducing it to a simple formula that would break it. In this slightly revised version of his 2016 presidential address at the Seattle conference in October, Jerry Herron of Wayne State University acknowledges the complex commitments and multiple roles that members bring to the conference as well as the rich variety of services they provide to each other within just a few days. He then takes his audience to “the quiet at the center of all that rackety good stuff.” What he finds there is “a sense of belonging—belonging to each other and to an idea—that makes this outfit of ours truly wonderful and unique.” Longtimers in the NCHC will know exactly what Herron is talking about; newcomers surely left the conference with a feel for it; and both groups will recognize the singularity of this feeling among the wide array of their other professional organizations: the feeling of “belonging to something that calls us out of ourselves.”