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Honors in Practice 14 (2018)


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Kate Bruce has been a smart and insightful, stalwart and gracious guiding force in the National Collegiate Honors Council for almost two decades. Since earning her PhD at the University of Georgia in 1984, she has spent her professional career at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she is now Professor of Psychology and Director of the Honors College. In her 2007 NCHC presidential speech at the annual conference, Kate emphasized the importance of bringing multiple disciplinary insights into the field of honors, and she used her substantial background in experimental psychology, especially animal behavior, to posit what she found significant in honors education. She concluded, “Unexpected, unanticipated, interdisciplinary: these features, once we have homed in on how to ask a question correctly, help us determine the significance of honors.” Kate has brought these values into the fields of both psychology and honors.